Thursday, April 13, 2006

my what big teeth you have

This story is back-dated to April fifth of this year.

“Nah thiserns abit complicated…”

Indeed. He went on to tell a story spanning five months. Daniel is not a man of dates. Some attempt has been made to work backwards and establish a loose timeline. It is not perfect.

In December of 2005, in that narrow service window between Boxing Day and New Years, Daniel came upon joyous trappings. Common and unprofitable. There is a Molson Canadian bottle stuffed inside an empty paper cardboard box. The box refers to a ‘Habitrail’ artificial environment system.

The next three months at this address are uneventful. Daniel observes a steady stream of hamster products. Food bags, bedding. He says the brand never changed.

In March, likely the fourteenth, Daniel sees a blue box stuffed with wrapping paper. The paper is marked with cakes and candles, and there are no bottles underneath. There are however newspapers, wet and marked with canine excrement. Daniel is upset on recounting this, and a week passes before I can get him to talk again. I believe he is not only disgusted by what he encountered, but by the fact that these items are non- recyclable.

Daniel approaches the home a final time on April the fifth, on a refuse day. Beside the usual containers there is a ruined ‘Habitrail’ system, the plastic fractured and the frame bent out of all shape. There is a sizable bag of "8 in 1 Pet Gourmet Hamster & Gerbil Diet," half-full, topped with a small feeding dish and watering bottle.


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